My name is Katiana. It is with pleasure I welcome you as part of this bright-minded community of individuals. The blog name Springly Mind empowers the idea of having a positive mindset. We welcome everyone to embrace life in the most brightful way. What do we mean by that? Let’s see. Let us surround ourselves with positivity so we may embrace life in its most enchanting way. The beauty of love, laughter, joy, humbleness. The idea of a healthy body with a sound mind. Feeding the body with good spirits to help it flourish and be flexible. Through mindfulness reading we hope to see the world in a different way. Better yet, we hope you see yourselves in a better light. Through daily me and little things in life, we journey on everyday experiences to explore. We explore how the home is the center. We provide beauty ideas for our own sacred homes. We want to tackle the aspects of life that feed the mind, body, and soul.