Unwinding Our Saturdays: 10 Simple Steps

After a long week of work, Saturdays can sure be busy with what is now family and friends life. Not to mention errands to run.

But after such a long work week, I think our Saturday deserves a little unwinding. I know some of you thinking of how you will go out later with friends and have a couple of drinks to unwind or being with the family later to unwind. All those are good but what about you?

I’m talking about only you taking a few minutes to unwind your mind and just take a pause before the hustle and bustle of the day.

I find myself on Saturday mornings just laying in bed for a few minutes and reflect. I love natural lights so when I wake up the sun is usually shining in and that in itself puts me in a good mood, but I find myself immediately giving thanks for another day whether its rain or shine. Laying there and thinking of what a divine day it will be and how the universe will align what is to brings me to a peaceful state of mind. In such times, I find myself setting up my day which If I didn’t plan the night prior and I’m left feeling that my day has a purpose to it.

I strive to be mindful of what I do every day and this unwinding helps me do just that. At times I finish up with some quick but mindful yoga.

It may take a while to get used too but it really does start the day on a good perspective and helps in being more productive.

Just follow these 10 simple steps as you lay in bed when you wake up.

1. Make sure you are truly awake. You might have to blink a few times.

2. If you have a window and able to have natural light, that’s great. Open it up and let the light in and marvel at its beauty.

3. Close your eyes and breathe calmly and slowly.

4. Release tension. Relax the mind, release the body, let all things flow.

5. Thank God or the universe (whichever you believe in) for another beginning.

6. Think of all the goods that have happened for the week and give gratitude.

7. Reflect on the week past lessons learned. Did you apply those lessons or plan to?     Ponder on that and find the positive side of the lessons.

8. Contemplate on what needs to be accomplished today.

9. Find the intentions behind each and check if they are truly meaningful.

10. I repeat: Relax the mind, release the body, let all things flow.


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