Fears, Fears of Going for it

We all may know too well that little voice in the back of our heads that can make us be frozen in time. The ” Nope, I don’t think you can or should do it.” You have big plans that you scream YES to but to it, it’s “no you can’t, no you won’t.” ” What if this….or what if that…..? These are words of fears. They make you question your life away until you can have no life left. That’s why anyone and everyone should be cautious of when it comes.

I’m no saint when it comes to fear. I have believed that I can do something and fear did find a home in me and make me not do it. The featured image quote rings deep for me because it reminds of one particular fear I’ve had for 2 years now.

“No Matter what you do,


somewhere will love it…

So do what you love.”

             -Jeanne Bessette

What fear is that? Fear of this blog. Fear that I’m not good to write it, keep up with it or be able to reach out to anyone. Fear that no one will like it. Well, little did I know that the fear I listened to made it exactly so. I didn’t think anything I wrote was good to have people read and want to follow me and so then after a while, I end up not keeping up with it and so the blog suffered for two years. But in the midst of it, the blog idea never left my heart. I think about it every week if not every day for the years I’ve had it, paying to keep my domain for a whole another year without doing anything because I just could not let go.

With the fear there still, one thing about life is that you may go through a season of fears that hold you back from things you want to do but you see at some point you have to step over fear and let life in. Fear truly step into your life and rob you of things that you could have.

Why should I have the thought that no one will love my blog? And when this quote popped up to me one day, while thinking about it, I’ve come to realize is that I love my blog and so someone already loves it. It’s me! I’m loving my ideas and what I’m writing and so I will do what I do love. I will do it and someone, somewhere will come across and love it too maybe even more than me. Why should I fear? I want to reach out to people. I want to use my blog and at that specific time, I told to fear “YES I can, I should, and I will do it.

Springlees, don’t let fear stop you from your “can, should, and actually doing it.” Someone will love it and that someone is you and so starts there.



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