Having Seen the End: Visualizing your Goals

Age-old law which says, “Having seen the end, you have willed the means to the realization of the end.”- Goethe

I’ve pondered on this and I know at times many of us have a dream that seems far away. We begin to doubt ourselves if we’ll ever make it. The end to us is not clear, but by this saying, I begin to wonder how even myself how I’ve have the same thoughts.

I would tell myself  “oh that is so far-fetched” and It would be a repeated pattern and not a good one at that. According to research by the University of Scranton, it is found that 92% of people will never achieve their goals. If you have ever watched the cartoon Scooby- Doo, just picture Shaggy and his voice here and just say Yikes! That’s honestly how I feel. That’s a pretty high number. Irreversibly that means only 8% reach their goal. Just a mere 8%. WOW!

But along came a change in me. After stumbling upon that saying at the beginning of this excerpt, I realized how I was subconsciously letting myself down. I’ve envisioned how far away my dreams and goals are; Yet, I don’t take the time to visualize how I have reached the end and accomplished them. How I made it and did it. I mean, my gosh, I can’t fathom the feeling of imagining making it where I want to be and be able to say yes, I did it.

Yet, it may all be possible with a changed my mindset. The vision must be there. I took a step and now started projecting in front of me exactly what I am expecting my dreams, my goals, my accomplishments to be.

As I lay in bed, sitting on the couch eyes closed, at the dinner table thinking, driving from A to B,  and I set myself to see the end where they are accomplished. A wonderful thing will happen then. In this way, the universe begins the works to align with my thoughts and brings it forth. I hate to say it,  but that’s how am here writing this blog. I’ve down talk myself many times and gave up on it but after seeing that Old-age law, I said to myself “You know how you want it to end, envision that, see it, feel it.” And with that, I set to fix up the website and begin again because, in my mind, I’ve seen the end.

Springlees, today in the now and every day in what’s to come, instead of feeling despair that’s it’s not happening,  I encourage you to see the end and make it happen. The universe is waiting to align it, and my hope for you and I put my faith in this “That is whatsoever it is, it is seen and it is accomplished.

Springlees, envision, envision, envision, and bring it forth.



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