The Bright Side of Mondays

There goes Monday again. Well, say HELLO!

Don’t want to get out bed but life demands it. Sucks, right? 

Or maybe not?

Monday are for so many things when you think about it. 

Yes, we had a great weekend and reality hit that it’s the beginning of the work week. Boring!! 

So you say, but guess what? 

Monday’s doesn’t have to be like that. I find Monday to be such a powerful day.

This what I choose to take Monday as…

M: Meaningfully meditating and manifesting intentions for the week and adding meaning to each.

O: Openheartedly seeking opportunities optimistically, with open-mindedness, owning your power and objectifying goals.

N: Nurturing the mind. 

D: Discerning what is the best way to carry out duties and devote oneself to intentions set.

A: Appreciating current positions and accommodating for what has to do be done right now for the betterment of those intentions. Accounting oneself, planning to stick to the plan. 

Y: Youthfully embracing the present time while working for the future for a better life is waiting. Make the plan for the rest of the week.

And guess what? All that can be done in the comfort of your bed. You know the one you dreading getting out of. Now watch yourself actually getting up and kicking off the week.

See Springlees, Mondays are basically saying am the lemons, let’s get to making lemonade.

Let’s have lemonade to drink all week Springlees.



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