Three Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose

If you want to wake up in the morning and have a blissful feeling to life, a feeling of fulfillment, inner peace, contentment, and happiness, it is crucial that you seek to find your passion and purpose for your life. That is to say that without knowing and learning what your life purpose is, leaning into it, working with it every day to make a difference, intentions, yet goals may go unfulfilled. I will show you the two steps to finding your life purpose. 


How Does One Discover their Life’s Purpose?

I once read a story somewhere where this gentleman became successful beyond measures with much wealth but one day realizes that he’s not happy. He has acquired all he dreamed of and had plenty of money but after that, there is an emptiness.

What did he do? He searched within himself to see what was it that he feels most happy doing and he found it in teaching. As a result, He found himself the happiest educating others that he realizes that that was his purpose, to educate and help others elevate themselves.

That my dear Springlees is the first step to finding your life purpose. 

So what exactly are the two steps to finding your life purpose?

1. Ask Yourself What is your Life Purpose?

Firstly, You have to look within at things you love to do. Ask yourself:

  • What are the things I love to do?
  • Is there anything that comes off as easy for me to do?
  • Are there any qualities within myself that I love to express?
  • What am I passionate about it?
  • Is there something that is in my heart that I have a burning desire to do?
  • What brings me the most joy?

We owe it to ourselves to sit, search, reflect within to find our life purpose.


As for me, I find myself the happiest helping others. I love to read, write, and explore deep topics and have a conversation about them. Furthermore, I love to help people and seeing someone smile, a deep soul laugh is a very treasurable thing for me. It comes easy for me to give advice. In the same way, I find myself the most passionate and happiest about helping others in any way possible.

This blog was started because of a burning desire to reach out to people from all over the world to share knowledge. To teach and educate others is one of my many passions. It may sound like a kiddie wish but I wish everyone in the world could be content at heart. For that, I found in me a purpose to bring a bright mindset to everyone’s day. Consequently, Springly Mind is born.

As they say at times, “Your attitude in the morning can pretty much set the tone for the rest of your day.”

That in itself brings me to the second step to finding your life purpose.

2.  A Life Purpose Statement


Secondly, Your purpose in life should have a purpose statement. With Springly Mind it is simply “Embracing our Day with a Bright Mindset.”  It is the first thing anyone sees when they come to the website. See by the picture above.

Bringing a bright view of our days is what I wish to accomplish. Everyone should start their day as bright as can be. My purpose is in that. One day I feel that that purpose will take me to a wider audience beyond this blog. The pure excitement for this journey that will lead me to reach people on a global scale is uncontainable.

3. Lean Into your Life Purpose

Subsequently, once you have that statement to your purpose, you will begin to feel that your passions, intentions, goals must align to achieve that purpose. Certainly then, you need to lean into it, let it marinate in your thoughts in the morning, middle of the day, at night, and consequently, you will soon see that it will begin to unfold itself. As a result, You will see your life begin to align with it.

In short, I sum up my purpose will amount to the song sung by the popular singer Beyonce in the United Nations World Humanitarian Day in 2012 named “I Was Here.” I made a difference…

So to say Springlees, Let each and every one of us set to find what is our purpose in this life. Look within, search, find, and execute.

Any of you feel that you have found your purpose in life? If not, What steps would you take? 

With a Bright Mindset,




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