Welcoming You to Springly Mind

Woman in a white beach cover up walking and smiling

Warmest of Warm Welcome.

I am here sunniest of the sunniest state of oh so Florida where the sun is always ready to bless us with its presence and the beaches calls our names.


My name is Katiana. I am originally from the Pearl of the Antilles, Haiti setting to be your favorite Springlee!!

I am here on a note of positivity to add a bit of brightness to our days.

Just as spring brings the growth of new leaves and flowers that we all love, so our lives should be growing new leaves and blooming beautiful flowers every day.  I understand that may not happen every day but that’s okay! You know why? That’s because some days we need pruning and that’s fine too.

Ponder on this question: What lifestyle you want to have on this earth while you live in it?

Springly mind is set to empower individuals in a positive, peaceful, fun, and loving way. There is only room for friendships among us.

Our motto is ” Embracing our Day with a Bright Mindset.”

We exert positive vibes and seek the best out of life. We seek the beauties and gifts that surround us every day and give thanks for the blessings of those gifts. We seek clarity, mindfulness, and more knowledge. The lifestyle that I myself seek to have.

May you giggle, laugh, cry, think, learn, embrace, and enjoy some of what we say into your daily lives.

I am thankful every day for embracing this journey of bringing the thoughts of what I believe in every day and look forward to sharing it with you all. I am happy to be in your presence. Let us grow together.


Affirmation: Let us all carry a bright mindset to our day.

Much love Springlees,




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