Dreams, What of it?


I believe in dream and interpreting them

I don’t believe you dreams of certain things just to have images in your head at night

Every dream has a meaning connected to your life

Whether something that has happened and your feelings toward it

and at times repressed feelings we try not to bring to the light and the dark is telling you

to evaluate such feelings or unforeseen future reality

But as always I find myself in shock when I dream of certain things and read up it’s

meaning and it explains it exactly how I feel in the reality world

but denied myself to feel that way

I find dreams to be matters of the heart

I find I dream whenever something big happens in my life and in trying to cope

At times fighting myself with my emotions that a dream come and say nope I know you

feel it and you are not going to hide

Surrender to it, evaluate it, let it go if you have to and then carry on but you will not try

to avoid or ignore me

Your feelings are yours and you must face them however innocent or devilish they are

Therefore the next time you dream

Pause and evaluate what it’s trying to tell you.

Dream well Springlees.

By Kati


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